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BrainGauge® delivers the first automatic, speech-based mental workload monitoring system in the world.

The BrainGauge® technology

Cognitive load model

Agents are required to cope with high volumes of increasingly complex information, often under pressure. This results in high mental demand (and consequently high cognitive load), which often leads to errors and omissions, improper call handling, and customer dissatisfaction. This ultimately leads to high staff turnover and associated losses.

NICTA has created the first Cognitive Load Monitoring (CLM) System based on the automatic analysis of speech. Grounded in a strong theoretical foundation, the patent-pending CLM engine (BrainGauge®) quantifies the cognitive load experienced by an agent from live calls in real-time. BrainGauge® is unique because it directly measures mental load, and it is not based on keyword-spotting, which does not accurately reflect the ability to manage multiple tasks.

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