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Call centre solutions enable managers to factor agent cognitive capacity into recruitment and workforce optimisation programs.

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Contact Centre Challenges in 2012

The last few years have seen increasing demands on contact centres, managers and agents. Contact centres are taking on more business functions, agents take on more diverse jobs and customer interactions are often becoming more complex. Budgets of course have not always been increased to keep up with these demands.

The added pressure that results from these demands can lead to decreased productivity and customer satisfaction and increasing absenteeism and staff turnover.

Attitude, Aptitude, Skills ...


Some people have a natural ability to cope under pressure . This capacity to cope with information rich interactions, demanding customers and complex user interfaces varies between individuals. Psychologists refer to this as "cognitive capacity".

Historically cognitive capacity has been difficult to measure and therefore not incorporated into either agent recruitment or work force optimisation monitoring.

We often put agent candidates through a barrage of assessment tests. Psychometric tests measure aptitude and cognitive ability, We interview for attitude and skills tests ensure that person can perform the tasks required.

But even after these tests some agents struggle while others thrive. Why is that?

BrainGauge® - Measures Cognitive Capacity under Load


BrainGauge® uses newly developed machine learning technology to measure how well individuals cope with cognitive load.

Call centre managers can use this in a variety of ways:

  • As a recruitment screening tool
  • To alert and diagnose specific customer interactions
  • To alert and diagnose agent performance issues
  • As an aid in job design
  • As an aid in IT systems UI design
  • As an aid in training program development