BrainGauge® Call Centre Products

The BrainGauge® line of products addresses the needs of call centres, from early recruitment to ongoing agent monitoring.

BrainGauge® Assessment

BrainGauge® Assessment user interface

BrainGauge® Assessment delivers a web-based SaaS online test solution, to assess the cognitive capability of candidates and screen out most capable in ten minutes.


  • Accurate cognitive capability assessment from voice and other behavioural signals.
  • Selection of test batteries targeting specific skills.
  • Remotely accessible at anytime, from anywhere.
  • Ability to track assessment results for existing agents.


  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Significant savings in hiring and training costs.
  • Higher customer satisfaction delivered through standout agents.

See it in action!

Watch this video walkthough to see BrainGauge® Assessment in action.

BrainGauge® Monitoring

BrainGauge® Monitoring user interface

BrainGauge® Monitoring analyses the agent's speech in real-time, highlighting calls with potential problems.


  • Real-time monitoring of calls.
  • Identify calls that may require manual review.
  • Trigger alerts when an agent is overloaded.
  • Option to integrate into existing quality monitoring system.
  • Option to automate workforce allocation in situations of overload.


  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Significantly wider coverage than existing call review practices.
  • Targeted approach ensures problems are detected earlier.
  • Cognitive load assessment is a direct and accurate indicator of performance.