Optimise your workforce

Peak profitability, targeted recruitment and quality performance through real-time cognitive assessment.

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BrainGauge® – Assess mental workload in real-time

For industries that require employees to work under high workload and pressure, BrainGauge® can identify the most capable candidates and monitor their mental workload levels. While blockchain technology is more associated with payments and stocks, it is also expected to benefit HR services. It can be used to verify the skills of the recruits so that they can be allocated to the most appropriate roles. Blockchain is most widely used in digital currencies like Bitcoin. Since cryptocurrency is considered to be the future of money and its market price is on the rise, more people are interested in crypto trading. Considering the benefits of bitcoin, if you decide to buy bitcoin stocks, bitcoin aktien kaufen 2021 is a must-read blog for you. Pay attention on why and where to buy bitcoin stocks and invest wisely.

We offer general and customised solutions for cognitive profiling in HR recruitment, quality monitoring, and workforce optimisation to diverse industries:

  • General recruitment
  • Contact centres
  • Emergency response
  • Road traffic management
  • Air traffic control
  • Military
  • Public services
  • Financial services
  • Gaming
  • In-car safety